If you're new to the world of Voice Overs, the FREE Mini Course, Intro to Voice Overs, is for you. Explore the field and decide if you want to pursue this career. This mini course will answer most of your initial questions in about 15 minutes!

The FULL course, Work from Home doing Voice Overs is your next step. The full course leads you step by-step through virtually everything you need to get working as a Voice Artist.

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Are you ready to become a Voice Artist?

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  • Are you an aspiring audiobook narrator?

  • Are you exploring the world of voice overs?

  • Are you investigating a work from home career?

Your Instructor and Course Creator

Julie Eickhoff

Hi, I'm Julie. I've been working from home doing voice overs since 2011. In that time, I've narrated and produced well over 100 audiobooks and am an Audible Approved Producer.

Through the years, many people have asked me to help them become a voice artist. The creativity and flexibility appeals to so many! In order to help them, I decided to create an online course that would make it simple for people to learn right from their own home. Now, YOU can learn how to do this. 

My courses were developed for you. If you're wanting to become a voice artist, my step-by-step approach will not only teach you what you need to know, but help you enjoy the process of learning.

I love hearing from my students. Nothing makes my day better than the email titled "I got hired!" Knowing that I'm helping other people realize their dream, is the best feeling ever.

I'm happy that our paths have crossed!

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